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Sharing practices of local public communication

Sharing practices of local public communication

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Commonality sets out to share experiences and practices of public communication around the world.

Commonality aims to be a source of inspiration for communication professionals in public administrations, local authorities, public services and associations, who all share the commonality for useful and effective public interest communication. This is why Commonality strives to highlight innovative, exemplary and effective communication initiatives in support of public policies.

Each article published in Commonality is also available in French and can be shared through Francophonie.

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Commonality deals with all subjects of public communication in the broadest sense :

Information on public services, public policy pedagogy, crisis communication, socio-environmental transition, marketing and identity of regions, internal communication and participatory democracy.

Commonality is published by Cap'Com, the French public and territorial communication network.

Le réseau de la communication publique et territoriale

Published articles originate from the reflections led by Cap'Com in France and in the French-speaking world, but also stem from the exchanges that Cap'Com conducts with its counterparts at the European level or in democratic countries throughout the world. Cap’Com is an open network, with no membership fees. Subscription to Commonality is simple and free of charge. Cap'Com also publishes Point Commun, a bi-monthly newsletter in French, as well as Les Cahiers de la communication publique et territoriale in paper edition.

Cap'Com is a general interest cooperative.

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