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Highlights of the 12th International Responsible Film Festival

Publié le : 22 juin 2023 à 07:03
Dernière mise à jour : 25 juillet 2023 à 12:58
Par Nastassja Korichi

Every year, the International Responsible Film Festival Deauville Green Awards turns the spotlight on raising awareness through images, stories and emotion. The 12th edition of the festival, of which Cap’Com is a partner, was held on 7 and 8 June. Here’s a look back at the best films from the 2023 awards.

Dans les mêmes thématiques :

The festival is an inspiring place to discover new trends in the audiovisual industry. It provides tools for raising awareness and talking about the environmental and social issues of the day. Audiovisual is a powerful medium for telling stories, developing people’s imaginations and arousing their emotions, and it helps to rally the public behind the issues surrounding economic, social and environmental transition.

For this 12th edition, nearly 500 films were entered into three competitions:

  • SPOT, short awareness-raising messages and commercials (under 90 seconds)
  • INFO, institutional films and educational programmes (under 26 minutes)
  • DOCU, documentaries, TV programmes and web docs (over 26 minutes).

“La Mèche”, a suicide prevention campaign: winner of the SPOT competition

“La Mèche” (“The Fuse” in English) is a public awareness film commissioned by the Canadian Ministry of Health and Social Services and aimed at everyone to raise awareness and prevent suicide. The film’s message is based on two pillars, mutual support and listening, showing that there are solutions that can change things.

“L’Affaire Maks Levin”: winner of the INFO competition

Based on the specific case of Maks Levin – a Ukrainian journalist who was very probably executed by Russian forces – this film shows how Reporters Without Borders carries out its investigative work. Aimed at the general public, it condemns and fights against attacks on press freedom and atrocities against journalists. This informational film is based on a meticulous and well-supported investigation, helping to uncover the truth.

“The Territory”: winner of the DOCU competition

Commissioned by National Geographic, “The Territory” highlights the struggle that goes on between the groups that are expanding deforestation activities in the Amazon and those who are trying to protect these areas. A local approach that both exposes and gives an insight into the global dilemma between economic development and the protection of nature. The film is shot in sequences, allowing viewers to live alongside the main characters, and the absence of any voice-over heightens awareness of the subject. Members of the local community were directly involved in the filming and production of this environmentally friendly film, giving them the opportunity to take part in creating their own story and developing their own narrative.

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