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An OECD report on public communication

Publié le : 11 février 2022 à 16:48
Dernière mise à jour : 22 avril 2022 à 13:09
Par Yves Charmont

The first OECD report on public communication has just been published, entitled "Global Context and the Way Forward". It analyses communication at government level and how this contributes to better public policies and services, as well as greater citizen trust. A summary of this report is now available and a series of online events will explore the issues further.

Dans les mêmes thématiques :

In the context of an increasingly complex information environment, this report looks at the role public communication can play in responding to the challenges posed by the spread of misinformation and in building a more resilient information ecosystem. It also examines the public communication structures, mandates and practices of centres of governments and ministries of health from 46 countries.

Strengthening the strategic use of public communication

Spearheaded by the OECD Directorate for Public Governance, the report makes the case for a more strategic use of communication by public powers, both to pursue policy objectives and promote more open governments, by providing an extensive mapping of trends, gaps and lessons learned. These objectives are in line with the thinking of communicators in the regions in France. Indeed, this is one of the driving forces behind increased exchanges with our international counterparts (at both government and local authority level), particularly in Europe.

The report contains observations and recommendations to "stay the course" in a rapidly changing information ecosystem. The content will be of considerable interest to regional public communicators,” noted the general delegate of Cap’Com last February.

The full report is available online, downloadable for a fee on the OECD website.

In addition, a high-level conference on public communication and the information ecosystem is due to be organised by the OECD this summer. We will of course be covering this event in our newsletter.