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Product launch and Belgian humour to promote cycling in Brussels

Publié le : 22 septembre 2022 à 07:01
Dernière mise à jour : 7 novembre 2022 à 14:59
Par Anne Revol

To encourage residents to get around by bike, Brussels Mobility has launched BrusselsFit, the largest open-air gym in the country.

Dans les mêmes thématiques :

”Why shut yourself away in a gym after work when you can work out on the way to work? Join BrusselsFit and get back on your bike”, says the launch campaign of Brussels’ regional public transport service. The promotional video uses a sales pitch to point out the absurdity of certain practices and uses humour to highlight the benefits of this “new” service: “With over 161 square kilometres, its 260 km of cycle paths and its air conditioning, BrusselsFit is also the first gym you don’t need a membership for.”

The BrusselsFit marketing campaign includes billboards, digital banners, a video on Instagram and even animated GIF stickers. Like any gym, BrusselsFit has organised group classes and has distributed its own brand of cereal bars to influencers. Two of them will be testing out this new gym and sharing their impressions on social media.

Brussels Mobility had already used this concept of reimagining a traditional active mode of transport into something new during its 2021 campaign to promote walking. The Les Pieds© was its first marketing campaign that humorously rewrote the product launch playbook.